Comment: I'm halfway through the video

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I'm halfway through the video

Everyone's faces has been blocked but the woman who works for planned parenthood, providing the information. I don't like that.

I don't like that's this is undercover and at the halfway point the person with the hidden camera is leading the planned parenthood employee, to get the information they want, in how they make it an "us vs them". and here, the employee talks about the discrepancy between doctor's personal "red line" and the state. But this interveiw is making it "devious", when because they are undercover, they are the ones being devious.

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at 4 minutes, it's interesting the employee tells us how she got pregnant to get on medicade. And it's also interesting what she says next, that she has four children and has had two abortions (and it bothers me that her personal life is being displayed on the internet, and that she does not know, because morally right or wrong, she should have the privledge of privacy.. that's my feeling about it. I think it's wrong to "expose" her, when she is doing nothing illegal. SHE is doing nothing illegal. It may be immoral, but it's not illegal and to "pick on HER".. show her face, take the info without her permission.. that's low. I don't like it.

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5 mis into it.. the employee is more concerned about getting the undercover agent on medicaid than anything. The undercover agent keeps trying to make it like the employee is telling her to abort.. but the employee is trying to help the undercover agent do what she wants. The employss could carelss if the woman aborts or not.

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The employee says: "What matters is that you have your family".

I love that. Best thing I've seen so far.

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"and I hope that you do get your boy." Translation: "And I hope I never see you again." IOW: "And I hope you don't choose to terminate your daughter."

My take.. there it is.