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I'm saying that the exact same act (shooting a man) could be

done in violence or in non-violence--to save the life of a child. Motives determine whether or not it was violence.

And you can call whatever you want. I was spanked, as were my 7 siblings, and today, we are all extremely close to each other and to our parents. We were all Ron Paul supporters and all have productive lives of love and happiness. I also have spanked my own children and we are all still the best of friends. My children understand the world around them and have become wonderful young adults.

Hurting others is not always wrong. If I have to pull a splinter from my child's finger, it is for his own good. I am not doing violence. I would rather teach my child right from wrong than have him end up in prison because he grew up a selfish brat who murders or steals from someone just because he feels like it.

Got it?

Christians should not be warmongers!