Comment: Not killed for camping

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Not killed for camping

Killed because they could. He was without financial means, which if you have stopped paying attention, is the measure of a man in these times. Has been for quite a while. That really is what is wrong at its base. A sense of elitism. The bankers have it, hell we all have it.

I was framed by the police (when I was 18) for vehicular manslaughter of a cops brother. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We had hit the curb on a sharp left while trying to lose a friend that really wasn't. The cops had us on the wrong road, but changing a tire near where the cops brother was hit and run. We had no damage, but they pursued us for weeks. What called off the dogs? My father worked for CBS. 60 minutes inquired, it all was dropped like a hot potato. I later found out the kid was knocked out of his shoes. There would have been major damage to the car. The cops were perfectly capable of framing us, telling me "Yeah, you didn't do this, but I'm sure you've done other things worse, we are just getting you for this". Cops are dirty as all get out, but they respect money, or power, or station. They bark to their master of the elite. This guy wasn't and was killed because they could and I guess it gives them a thrill. Just sad. I think we live in Roman times sometimes.