Comment: I Have Studied This At Lenght. Here's How:

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I Have Studied This At Lenght. Here's How:

I Have Studied This At Lenght. Here's How:

#1: The Greatest Blessing is that this girl is 17 years old. If her parents are cult members and are holding her against her will, after she turns 18 they won't have legal binds on her.

***This is dangerous Territory. However, Don't Be Afraid. Study how cults operate, find networks of Cult Survivors and put together a team. Create a YouTube Channel and ADD the people who are exposing this cult, then create a Facebook page and invite them to join. Eventually you could have a support group for her once she gets out. She is going to need friends who understand her. It is important that NO-ONE in that cult has any idea that a member has sought help. This is for her own protection, perhaps yours and a succesful outcome.

If this cult is starting to get exposed as you imply, UNITE with those exposing it. The key word here is NETWORK.

Tell your friend she is not alone and that you will help her. Read stories of Cult Survivors and tell her POSITIVE stories of people who have been subjected to Cults and broke free.

***I AM ONLY SPEAKING FOR MYSELF HERE: If it were me helping her, I would tell her to NOT SAY A WORD about being helped. A Cult could move a victim to another location. These things are done by STEALTH. If it truly is a Mind-Control Cult you are also dealing with a Child Abuse Cult. I am amazed this girl is reaching out to you. Many suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or are so severely mind-controlled that would run away from someone attempting to help them. I would Thank Her for confiding in me.

I am going to go to YouTube and see what this cult is up to. If it is what you say it is, I will help EXPOSE IT myself. Contact THE PEOPLE'S VOICE with your story. They also have a Facebook page you should join:

Contact also

These stories touch me so deeply that if it were me, I would prepare and begin making arrangements to provide this girl a safe place to live once she gets out, the means to go to school and get a part-time job. Tell your friends and neighbors what you are doing and you may find other compassionate souls to help you help her ♥

***THIS IS A VERY GOOD BOOK FOR YOU TO READ AND STUDY. Once you are done, give it to her as a gift. The author is a beautiful soul whom I have had the pleasure speaking with when I was helping someone myself :) ♥

Here is an overview:

If you have any more questions, feel free to post them. I will keep an eye on this post. It is very, very important.

Share with your family and friends what you are learning and what you are doing to help a young girl. I pray you will put together an awesome team for her.


God Bless You.



P.S.: I am watching these "Word Of Faith" videos on YouTube. Oh, Dear God. It doesn't take much to know what this is. LYING SHARKS. And it is BIG. Network, network.

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