Comment: I Hear You Roar

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I Hear You Roar

I never claimed you were arguing for the perfection of PCR. You claim him to be a libertarian (of sorts now that you have been made aware of his political beliefs) and a "great thinker". He is neither. I'm not surprised that you are so taken with him. The young are too inexperienced to see through PCR's BS.

The constant inappropriate laughing PCR puts forth in his interviews is clearly a defense mechanism to hide how completely devastated he is to see what has become of his once great country. Unfortunately, he absolves himself of any responsibility. A Keynesian is not someone to be admired. I'll admit, it took me some time to see through his facade. Have you read this book of his...
If not, read it and then tell me what you think of him. Economics is everything sister. If one is not right on that, then one is wrong on most everything.

I'm not assuming your gender. I know you're a woman. It's obvious. Women are incapable of admitting wrong. That's what gave you away.

I am glad to see a woman take an interest in the philosophies. You have much to learn. I'm here to help you in that endeavor, and not to get laid. That's why I'm treating you like a man.