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Surely you jest

This entire movement since 2007 has been about taking over local, state and federal Republican Caucuses. This is what the Tea Party was born out of. We've had tremendous success since then. More than I ever could've imagined.

Ron consistently discusses the fruitless nature of a third party politics and advocates influencing politics from within the Republican Party as he did (quite well i might add). In the Republican Party there is sympathy for our philosophy. In the Democrat Party, there is none. This is our only chance and Ron has been quite clear on that point.

The "either or" you speak of is not one of political party. It is of liberty or tyranny. This is our last, best chance of peacefully impacting the direction of our country. And it's not by electing republicans or democrats. It's about electing liberty minded candidates within the republican party. The democrats are too far gone to try and use them as a conduit to influence the masses. They are Statists through and through. They despise the constitution and the founders. Some may flip, as I did, but on the whole they are a lost cause of government collectivist organizations (i.e. blacks, hispanics, feminists, LGBTs, etc.).