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Comment: Wrong... The term is

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Wrong... The term is

Wrong... The term is 'voluntaryism'. It is a libertarian philosophy term meaning, "all forms of human association should be voluntary". What Ron Paul has said for a long time.

People like me aren't just on the internet telling people to not vote... You're the type of person doing that(telling people to give money and vote for your newly chosen leader). I'm just showing the hypocrisy in a statist logic.

Btw I never down voted anything.... That is the people, not me. I don't even care if i'm down voted, so why would I care to down vote you? The plus/negative votes are useless to me.

Yup, they did screw us bad... I remember it perfectly and that is why I am opposed to trying a failed strategy once again.. It will never work. The system is built to be a plutocracy and to work against the common man. The only reason Rand even has a slight chance is because he plays ball and has caved just like the rest. Maybe not as much as the rest, but he's still given in. He knows damn well he can't stop what has been put in place for centuries and he knows that people like you still think he can.. If you're talking about the 60's just look at what happened to the the president that attempted to play with the power of the state. Shot in the head in broad daylight in front of everybody.

Ron Paul planted seeds in millions of peoples heads. He started the conversations at their dinner tables about what freedom really is. He did that, not his son. He had independents, democrats, republicans and all apathetic non voters ready to go to the booths for him, but they took it away... Because they own that system. It is not ours. it has never been ours. There is no such thing as the constitution. It is an illusion.

Only way you beat them is to stop playing their game and walk away.

No one said to stop what you're doing. You'll see when that campaign either fails or when he goes to office and pulls an Obama that what I and many others have said is true...

You do that and we'll continue creating new ways without government like alternative currencies, printable items, self sustainable gardens, alternate sources of energy, community projects etc etc

We'll see who gets farther in the long run.