Comment: What freedoms?

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What freedoms?

By comparison to nations that lock up or execute homosexuals, have child weddings, don't allow women to drive, or go to school, and drinking water is the same as sewer water.. where drug laws are execution.. what freedoms?

The freedom to leave? Freedom to go to school, vote, marry who you want? Freedom to smoke pot? That's happening.. so what freedom?

Hate is like a self vex. The govenment doesn't take away freedom. The government never owned freedom. The government's job is to protect our right to freedom, which we are losing as UN Agenda advances..

the government is failing to protect our RIGHT to be free.. but freedom does not come from the government.. government tries to profit off freedom, and why the talk of the collapse.. US transitioning to global government..

I think that no matter where one goes, there they are, and my bet is no matter where the op went or not, they would find fault. Seek and ye shall find. And maybe he'll find out that freedom was somthing that came from within and not a government that continues to protect more freedoms than most places in the world?