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that roaring you hear

is the noise of your confused, and convoluted brain. i have not read that book but here's a review from right here at the DP.

Paul Craig Roberts New Book - Buy It!
Submitted by Treg on Thu, 09/12/2013 - 13:16


Get this BOOK! The book's title is: The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism (no the writer is not for Socialism as you might assume with such a title)

Some better titles for this book would be:

"Private Banking Crooks Own Our Government: Private Profits for Me, Public Losses for YOU Dear Citizen."

.....or .....

"Free Trade Does Not Equal Globalism: Banking Crooks Fleece the Public Using Capitalism Rhetoric"

....or ....

"Off-Shoring Jobs, Absolute Advantage, & Fooling Ourselves with Free Trade Rhetoric"

No matter the title, GET THIS BOOK!!!! Its Awsome! Its a must read! Best of all, its stuffed full of facts that we all need to know.

Its so well done that he nails it in just 174 short pages!

GET THIS BOOK!!!! Buy it now. Lets all get on the same page by reading this book and seek out common solutions fast.


since it's a positive review maybe you'd like to resort back to name calling? how about i read your book? what's that? you don't have one? no surprise there.

i know plenty of women who do not insist on
being right. too bad your experience with the fairer sex is so bad. maybe there's other reasons for that?
i challenged you (on 3 occasions) to pick one topic to discuss in a civil manner. i knew you could never do it, a know it all never could.
so three strikes and you're out clint. you had your chance and blew it, and only proved you're a big scaredy listen up. if you can't stop your obsessive blather and babble posts to me that's your problem. you've proved to be a fake again and again so i understand you trying to pull yourself out of the hole you dug. go ahead and keep it up. i find it amusing; a mind unraveling at every turn and all because someone dared to criticize your man rand. you know that's the truth but you are way too full of yourself to ever admit it.

"I myself debated most of the Keynesian Nobel prize-winners before university audiences or before annual meetings of economic associations."
Paul Craig Ryan