Comment: Putin vs Obama

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Putin vs Obama

If Putin and Obama were playing chess or poker, I'd have to put my money on Putin....
What Idiot tips their hand, and makes a statement like "We will not be sending troops to Ukraine" essence, giving Russia the green light to take the Eastern half of Ukraine...
Sooooo, we can have a really big messy war?
Hey, that would be nice for the Neo-cons.
I bet Putin doesn't take the bait...
Crimea is just one Pawn in this game, and Putin will set back and let the "Russian Supporters" in each region give Ukraine to him on a silver platter.
Russian troops on the Eastern border are there as a Psychological factor, and a Safety net, should that ploy fails.
A blitz Krieg to Kiev will not take place, that would be too costly in Russian and Ukrainian lives, which are deeply inter-twanged.
KGB agents are masters in the art of Psychological warfare.
Wanna bet?