Comment: I agree with you that it

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I agree with you that it

I agree with you that it might be an easier method to start with, but it isn't the best and most likely won't happen... You feed the machine and it still lives. You know what will happen? They will throw us a few bones just to keep the masses from rioting. Just like they did in 2001...

Oh you want marijuana? Oh you want the illusion of choice? Here ya go, now go be an obedient robot....

The ones in charge have perfected this game.. That's what people don't understand. There is a reason they are able to trick people into believing they need to be governed. They are a step ahead at all times.

We have the technology to live our everyday lives without government, so why not act on that? The way you're saying we could build the intellectual awaking through Rand on stage can be sped up by us showing that life without government is feasible, or better yet morally right. We just need to keep building this base. Go talk to the children of this generation, the internet generation. Most know that what the government does is wrong, they know the truth, so we are fine in the long run. I trust in humanity and i'm optimistic because of our youth.. But for now, it is up to us to start creating the alternatives. There will be a philosophical revolution I have absolutely no doubt about it.

I wish I was wrong, and your way would work, I really do... I just know history and it isn't on you guy's side.