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Government is Force... That IS Anarchy...

Government = Voluntarily do what I say or I will voluntarily blow you away...

You want Anarchy, you have it.

Once again, government is FORCE. You cannot get rid of force. Not even if you devolve back into the animal kingdom... there is a King of the Jungle, a top of the food chain.

Even if you somehow found yourself in a peaceful "anarchist" society, it wouldn't be long until someone without morals just took things by force, thereby implementing their new 'elitist' "government".

I wonder, how would you maintain peace in an anarchist society? There would be some rules, some order, would there not? That would no longer be anarchy then by your definition.

"An-Archy" simply means "without Hierarchy". That doesn't mean no rules, no laws. It means no one has more authority than another. Anarchy naturally, automatically breaks down into hierarchies. The Lion eats the Gazelle. Sometimes though, the Gazelle gores the Lion with it's horns, because the world IS naturally anarchical and anything can happen, but it does break down into hierarchies.

I understand that anarchy is not only the natural state of the world already, but that it cannot last in it's peaceful form for long due to human nature. Ron Paul and our founders understood that as well, and therefore wanted a government that governs' least, a minarchist society i.e.- laws, that preserve the moral order while maximizing individual liberty otherwise.

There is no such thing as anarchy other than the natural anarchy we live in every day. Anarchy as an artificially established order is an oxymoronic concept, and is impossible.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?