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I think everyone is

I think everyone is misinterpreting what i'm saying... I said that what happened was ok. He had to defend himself and if I were in the same situation I would have done the same exact thing. I have no problems with what happened...

The responses to the incident are what got me concerned. Read some of the comments. Some say that we are all better off, now that's naive. The aftermath of an incident like this is never good. Now, we will have a few more violent people in our society because the family of the deceased will not take it lightly. It's like in war, every time you kill 1 there are 6 more being brought up hating American soldiers. This is blowback, but on a larger scale and it has been going on for ages. Again, i'm not saying that he shouldn't have defended himself, i'm just saying that there are consequences for every action and we should look at it that way.

The real point that I was trying to make wasn't against self defense or against protecting yourself... My point was that people behave the way they behave for a reason. People are not born evil. Look up the Lucifer effect or Epigenetics. I was trying to say that these men that died are still human and shouldn't be treated as anything less. As a matter of fact I can almost guarantee you the reason why they were so violent in the first place was because they were treated as such. They were obviously ill and if we are going to try to make a better future then we all need to understand the simple fact that human behavior is very much overlooked and misunderstood.

We are brought up in a society to believe that "criminals" are evil and that they will hurt us so we must fear them, but just look at the word criminal.. It can mean anything that is against the state. Some of us are criminals because we go against the state. Are you evil? Am I?

These men lived by the gun and died by the gun. So be it... But that won't stop me from examining why this actually happened. With the new research being done on violent behavior it is not hard to understand why we act the way we do.

And no, my own life experiences ARE the reason why I study such subjects. I was once on the wrong path myself. Now, i'm nonviolent and better educated. Who would'a thunk it that getting educated can change one from being angry and violent to a perfectly healthy, understanding human being. A metal cage doesn't do that, trust me. If anything those places make you 10x worse. So, does the dehumanization by your fellow man. It messes up the psyche.