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Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

National Socialist or NAZI? Same difference.

Hayek (and others) have shown quite convincingly that no matter your moniker for Central Planning (Socialism, Fascism, Mercantilism, Corporatism, State Capitalism, Marxism, etc) when it is implemented on a National scale, it leads to practices exhibited by the German NAZI's. Genocide may or may not be practiced, but National Socialism (National Central Planning) allows for this type of behavior to be silently tolerated (for fear of punishment).

I do agree that it is overused and therefore somewhat meaningless, just as Liberal and Conservative are meaningless. But that is the point. Hayek also showed that Central Planners bastardize language so as to help confuse the masses.

You have correctly identified the practices of the US government as National Socialistic, but 90+% of Americans are so indoctrinated that they would argue that we have a Democracy. What we have is a NAZI (German moniker for National Socialists) government cleverly disguised as a Republic with an overpopulation of Sheeple who couldn't tell an Oligarchy, Democracy, or Republic from a hole in the ground. "Pass the Chilli Cheese Fries, our favorite Show in this time slot is about to come back on . . ., did you make sure we're recording our second favorite Show in this time slot!?"