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Social-National Party

The previous name of the party was the Social-National Party. The present name of the party is "Svoboda", Ukrainian for "Freedom". One of their allies in the recent putsch was the Right Sector faction that has now registered as a political party. They were responsible for much of the violence.

The Wikipedia entry is worth reading since it contains material from many sources.

They have ostensibly moved from the far right to the centre in the past few years but this seems to be more of an expediency than a true change. The Nazis under Hitler did the same. They have been given credibility by the U.S., and the EU even though Svoboda opposes any links with the EU due to its nationalist position. Whether this will continue as they seek power is an open question. They say they are anti-Communist but this is inevitable given their adherence to nationalism while Communism is inherently internationalist. Their political platform has been cleaned up but contains the following:

" Svoboda’s platform is called “Our Own Authorities, Our Own Property, Our Own Dignity, on Our Own God-Given Land.” and includes the following points:

Ukraine—a presidential republic, head of state is the head of government
Lustration of state authority: publication of lists of all Soviet KGB agents that served or continue to serve in Ukraine, dismissal of such people as well as members of the former Communist Party of the Soviet Union from state leadership positions, replace them with graduates of the Ukrainian universities
Criminal prosecution for “Ukrainophobia”
Only those born in Ukraine can become Ukrainian citizens, with the exceptions for those who have lived in Ukraine for more than 15 years, know the Ukrainian language, culture and Ukrainian Constitution
Renunciation of the 2010 Kharkiv agreements. (Leasing naval base in crimea to the Russian Black Sea Fleet)
Impeachment of President Viktor Yanukovych
Ban on abortion, except in cases of medical necessity, or rape; and imprisonment from three to seven years for those who violate this ban
Criminalization of public promotion of abortions or calls for abortions (by introducing a fine for doing so)
The right to keep and bear arms (This has been broken already by their attempt to disarm the people jeu as the Nazis did when they gained power.)
Cancelling taxes on Ukrainian language products — films, music and literature — and instead imposing taxes on non-Ukrainian language products. The proceeds obtained this way will be channeled into developing Ukrainian language products.
Nationalization of major enterprises, greater state control of the banking system and a ban on privatization of land.
Energy independence for Ukraine
The development of competitive industries, particularly food processing and aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, machine-tool construction, machine manufacturing, the military industrial complex and the aerospace industry
Ban on the import of the food products that are also produced inside Ukraine and import only exotic food that is not domestically grown
The restoration of the Soviet practice of indicating ethnic origin on passports and birth certificates[39][50]
Proportional representation on executive bodies of ethnic Ukrainians, on the one hand, and national minorities, on the other
Ban on adoptions by non-Ukrainians of Ukrainian children
Preferential treatment for Ukrainian students in the allocation of dormitory places, and a series of similar changes to existing legal provisions
Ordained persons should have no right to be elected to state authorities or local self-government authorities
Abolition of Crimean autonomy
Abolition of value added tax
Farmlands are to be state-owned and given to farmers in hereditary use
The state is to implement a firm pro-family policy
Dismissal of employees of state structures who had been active in the Soviet apparatus before 1991
Decommunization of public space (monuments, names of streets and places)
Russia should apologize "for its communist crimes"
Ukraine is to leave the Commonwealth of Independent States "and other post-Soviet structures"
An explicit guarantee of accession to NATO within a set period of time[2]
Ukraine should again re-acquire tactical nuclear weaponry
Svoboda also states in its programme that it is both possible and necessary to make Ukraine the “geopolitical centre of Europe”. The European Union is not mentioned in the programme. According to Party leader Oleh Tyahnybok the programme is a worldview based on Christian values of the rejection of various deviations.
Member of parliament Ihor Miroshnychenko asked the head of the Kiev City State Administration Oleksandr Popov on 7 March 2013 to ban an LGBT march that was held the next day because he believed it would "contribute to promoting sexual orientation" and he further stated in his request "homosexuality provokes sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS". The 8 March rally was in fact not an LGBT march but organized by feminist organisations." (Wikipedia)

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)