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Just a comment...

A comment on your many times repeated argument that "children have already been raised without being hit." The comment is:

The fact that children have been "raised" without being hit proves nothing, or at least very little. The question is, what kind of humans have they become? We can, of course, have different opinions on that, but what you would really need to make your point is someone to put forward as an example who was raised without being hit, and *turned out* superior to anyone else. I don't think you have such an example. Ron Paul? (That would be a pretty good example of someone who seems to be a step above the rest of humanity, but most likely he was not raised without being hit...and he also turned out to be a (sort of) politician, so maybe that could be blamed on his being hit, but....)

Anyway, it's clear that the trend has been toward less corporal punishment. Other trends have been less competence, less independence, less value of liberty. Are these related? You would say "no," but we have no conclusive evidence either way, at least not from you.