Comment: Keep your eye on the eight ball! 777's can't be lost!

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Keep your eye on the eight ball! 777's can't be lost!

Method of deception:

1. Plant woman with story convenient to pre-planned disposal site! Yes plant!

2. Laugh at woman first!

3. Suddenly find the crash site with lots of ... nothing! But call it debris. Tell the world new math has proven it now, and proven that there are no survivors! Just like it was known the first day that it was not 'terrorists' (whatever they are)!

4. Suddenly mysterious woman is right!

5. Nothing there anymore... all gone. Move on.

6. Continue with plans for plane, or passengers, or cargo, or disinformation on stealth, or new safety regulations for control of the masses internationally... etc.

In all this remember:

This is from a current 'Boeing exec.': NEVER FORGET THAT BOEING 777's ARE ALWAYS IN SIGHT!

That is the reason Boeing patented the anti hijack technology! It means that these planes cannot, repeat, CANNOT be hijacked anymore...


Keep your eyes on the hands of the players!

'Follow the money'!

In future events keep in the back of your minds... at least one and possibly up to four major countries, and corporations, KNOW WHERE THAT 777 IS RIGHT NOW... and have know since the day it took off!

It is time we throw out Congress in Toto!

Ron Paul 2016!