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Comment: Love you too brother...

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Love you too brother...

I find it amazing that we all find ourselves at the same crossroads.

That moment where the decision must be made.. to follow or lead. Ive taken a lot of heat over leadership and expecting more out of our defacto leaders.

Mr. Nystrom... I love ya. Truly like a brother.

Nobody knows what is going to happen in 14 or 16.. but you can rest assured that you have gone well and above your part that Ron Paul spoke about. We all find our place.... thats how this works. Im humbled and honored to post here. This is the pulse of the grassroots.. warts and all.

I understand you are not on team Rand. I have a different perspective. Rand is not going to be a purist.. but he will push the country in the right direction. In my eyes.. that is what is most needed. Someone at the top to be a symbol and action of change. Someone that can lead the country and defend the rules. That matters to me in a big way. Accountablility has been lost for far to long. Rand has the leadership to put the country back together.

I believe Rand has the brains, brawn, wisdom and qualities to play this wicked ass game called politics. Im not expecting a DailyRand at all... but I hope that the future is both bright for DailyPaul and TeamRand.

Nobody else is protecting our rights like Rand. Nobody...

I love the DailyPaul. I come here every single morning first. I don't post as much just because life has become so much more hectic. The cause of the DailyPaul is a source of inspiration for me. Patriots fill these boards debating a myriad of issues.

We are a wild bunch.. but the most patriotic SOB's Ive ever met. Im proud to be here and thankful for your sacrifices. We all could be doing more fun things.. we do this because its our duty and we have a sense of obligation to one another, our country and our children. Ron Paul is absolutely correct.. once you wake up.. its your duty to stand up.

America has such a checkered past. The greatest achievements have come not through leaders, but our Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Our founders paved the way for human rights on the greatest levels. America was an idea that lead the world. I miss that.

DailyPaul is a constant reminder to remain vigilant. All the name calling, negative press and cattle prods couldn't keep me away from this site. It is my home. It gives me peace and understanding.

Thank you so much for not shutting it down.

DailyPaul loves you too.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul