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It drives me nuts too, when


It drives me nuts too, when randomly slow people block the passing lane, but that's my problem. Yeah I might be late for a meeting or getting my kids to school. Live and learn, I'm consistently reminded that I need to expect it to take more time to get me from here to there, that I need to get out the door a few minutes earlier than I usually do. What's uncanny though, is that slow people in passing lanes only seem to bother me when I'm already in a hurry. My being in a hurry is a problem of my own making, that I've allotted 10 minutes for a 15 minute trip. I can't think of a time when a slow driver has bothered me or that I've even noticed, unless I had already been stressed out before encountering that slow driver. These are MY problems.

The moment I shift gears and go into rage, I'm dangerously forcing everyone else who crosses my path to deal with MY problems. Perhaps a slow driver may be seen as "uncivil", but the notion seems almost absurd when shadowed by how "uncivil" I can get when I'm road-raging. As a matter of fact that's exactly what a road-rager is, an ego who's taken hold of the wheel and is out to prove that his ability to disregard civility is going to out perform all others.

Road-ragers are the same people who are assholes in other situations. For example when I stub my toe on a chair I am prone to say, "Dammit!" Typically it takes about a minute for me to realize that I'm moving about too quickly and carelessly, and that essentially the universe it telling me to slow down and relax. I eventually laugh. When I'm already stressed to my breaking point, then stub my toe, I scream, "What idiot put this chair here!" I flip into rage. I then go hunting for the idiot that I imagine to have put that chair in my way. When I imagine I may have found him, I'll attempt to make his day a living hell. As you might guess, I haven't had roommates in years. In those years I've finally learned that it was most likely me who had placed that chair there from the get-go or that it doesn't really matter who placed it there, I just need to slow down. As uncivil as they may seem at times, slow drivers are not menaces to society. These days I call them black angels, hot potatoes from God, thrown to us to remind us and keep us spiritually fit. :D