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Keep right to pass laws

Keep right to pass laws usually apply to all roads.

There are exceptions. In the state I live in, to strengthen the KRETP law on the interstates they removed it for surface streets. Why, I have no idea. Probably to placate someone who enjoys blocking traffic.

But lastly why do we need laws for what should simply be proper and polite behavior?

As I go through these comments I find it remarkable for a 'libertarian' web site for so many people to have a 'but there isn't a law to make her do it' arguments. That sort of thing feeds right into the hands of a statist system and undermines libertarian systems. It says we as people can't live without the state.

Now I see road-rage as a by product of state management of the roads. Where people hide behind one law or another to be lazy and/or intentionally aggravate others because they enjoy doing it.

PS: just because you're planning to turn left sometime before the road ends isn't an excuse to sit in the left lane. Move right, let traffic by, move back left just before your turn.