Comment: I'm getting tired of this

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I'm getting tired of this

I really love the DP crowd and enjoy the vast majority of articles on all topics. The anti-nuclear bent that the community seems to be on is really getting frustrating.

The fear surrounding nuclear power, the FUD around the Tepco plant at Fukushima, and the whole scariness associated with the evil word "Radiation" are making fools of so many people.

Learn the science. It's not secret knowledge. It's available for free for anyone to study, and there are great knowledgeable people who can help explain it. I don't mean that a few people will tell you that it's simply "nothing to worry about".

There's a massive distance (undirected radiation loses 7/8 its energy every time its distance from the source doubles) and a short exposure time (fission STOPPED when the tsunami hit, because the reaction was impossible to continue) and a ton of safeguards (such as concrete, dirt, steel). How about the fact that plain water blocks most of the harmful range of the radio spectrum? Besides those facts, what would it do to you to eat fish that has been exposed to radiation? Is the fish radioactive? If you're worried about that, then you'd better stop eating other foods that have also been radioactive since the beginning of time, such as bananas, milk, coffee. . . .Careful, that radiation in your mamma's milk might cause you to mutate and grow a third arm!

I don't mean to criticize any post regarding radiation. Please, though, I beg everyone to do their homework and learn about it. Don't be afraid of guns, radiation, fire, freedom, strangers, etc. Just learn about them!

A great primer, and I hope you do sit through the whole thing:

Emalvini, I have great respect for you and follow so many of your posts. Please, don't take this as a personal attack or anything. I'm just desperately trying to bring more information out there.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.