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I might have to disagree with you

that slow drivers are not a menace to society. They cause wrecks, though this never makes the statistics because the wrecks are always behind them (a slow driver is often the ultimate cause in a domino effect of proximate causes), plus the State has revenue reasons to make speed out to be the boogieman (justification for speeding tickets). Think traffic merging. People have a certain expectation that traffic will be traveling at a reasonable rate. Also, the roads are a means of travel and commerce. This is the primary purpose for them. When one person is tootling along in the middle of people with places to be and things to do, it is somewhat of a nuisance, if not a recipe for disaster.

The autobaun has no speed limits and drivers frequently travel upwards of 130 MPH. It also has fewer traffic accidents per highway mile than the average U.S. highway. Speed is not the problem, the DIFFERENCE in speed is the problem. Since the purpose of the highways is for efficient transportation of people and goods from place to place, it seems reasonable to me to expect drivers to cater to those who possess valuable time, instead of the other way around.