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Why do you keep referring to that war as a civil war
The VERY first thing we need to do is break the people and indeed ourselves from referring to that war as a Civil War

To call it a Civil War only lend credence to the Union side of things.

Once the southern states left the union they were and of right ought be free and independent STATES to quote a famous document.

No longer part of the union of states no longer in compact under the constitution for these united sates


Call the war for what is was not the popularized union propaganda and so simple name of ( The Civil War )

civ·il war ~ noun
1. a war between citizens of the same country.

The Confederate States of America 1861-1865
Now under occupied nation status.

Try these names instead :
The war between the States
The war for southern independence
The second war for independence
or simply ... Mr. Lincoln's War

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