Comment: Your Situation is Typical of America's Belief in Government

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Your Situation is Typical of America's Belief in Government

The average American has too much faith in the "goodness" of the U.S. Government though history has shown repeatedly that it cannot be trusted, even at the highest levels of office. Perhaps your husband would be willing to watch this video that summarizes the Watergate Scandal that occurred in the mid-1970's.

Here we see and hear about the President of the United States, The Attorney General of the United States, the FBI and members of the CIA and others who were all involved in the cover-up of various felonious acts of burglary, coercion, bribery, spying on private conversations, invocation of executive privilege for personal use and outright lying to the American people. This is a historical fact that cannot be trivialized or whitewashed; it happened to us.

It ultimately led to the resignation of President Nixon who was the first executive in U.S. history to be named an unindicted conspirator by a grand jury and the conviction of Attorney General John Mitchell as well as others involved with Nixon's reelection campaign. We all know that history repeats itself and such crimes will happen again and again to the detriment of the American people unless the nation starts to pay attention and demand accountability.

What is different in today's world is the total compromise and surrender of journalistic ethics for money. Radio, television and print media have all sold out to powerful interests and are now the pubic relations arm of the shadow government. Instead of demanding investigations of corruption (e.g., "too big to fail" bankers, reasons for Middle Eastern wars, etc.) the media focuses on "soft news" (e.g., Hollywood, national sports, etc.) to distract the people.

Your husband's lack of understanding about Washington's machinations as well as the majority of Americans is the main problem the liberty movement faces: apathy and poor memory. It is the toughest nut to crack open but we must not give up our quest to expose these dark malevolent forces to the light of truth.