Comment: Here's my humble take on the new banner

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Here's my humble take on the new banner

First off, I like the new banner. It definitely caught my eye. I posted earlier in another thread that was too negative. I'd like to take a more positive approach. This is just my humble attempt to tweak the banner.

I love the P Au L (Peace. Gold. Love.) approach. I think it is very clever. I see Gold as a store of value, just as Silver, and I feel they represent Value, Wealth and/or Prosperity, which might be a good word to use. But, I see the essence of this site as being Knowledge/Truth seeking, so I replaced "Gold" with "Truth".

I tried to respect and stay as close to the original banner as possible while just simplifying and cleaning it up. I tried to keep a common element between them all with the gold pin stripe, and I kept "Daily Paul" in every frame.

I did enjoy doing this and I would be honored to offer my services to Michael, and this website, anytime for anything, so feel free to use this banner, or let me know of anything else you need 'designed'. I'm open to any comments or tweaks to help improve upon. If Michael wants the "Gold" back in there... will do. Thanks.