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shooting someone in the leg

is not enough to stop that person from trying to kill or hurt you (or anyone else). If you have to pull, it should be the absolute last resort, but if you have to pull it needs to be safe, quick and accurate and it must insure that your target is incapacitated before he/she can inflict any harm to you or anyone else. God forbid you have to shoot an attacker, you shoot them in the leg, it doesn't stop them and they get to you. Or you panic and unload more rounds and accidentally hit an innocent. Under stress people do unpredictable things.

Hey, I am not disagreeing this situation was ridic and the cops over reacted given the crime(? if that is a crime). What I am saying is, the COPs , had they been properly trained and weren't D-bags, could have easily de-escalated the situation without having to pull the gun from the holster. If they knew what they were doing and weren't sociopaths, they could have handled the situation without even having to raise their voices. There are also these things like tazers that can incapacitate in one shot. Those COPs were clearly looking for a reason to pull, and I fully agree they those cops are in the wrong.