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"Dealing with 'Rules and Bylaws and committees and BS'?"

What do you mean Ron wasn't going to win? Were you an Oracle or a Seer?
Or was it because of your vast experience "IN political parties" which allowed you to know the future? You sound like one of the go along to get along boys or girls. I too was witness to the gross manipulation, intimidation, selective, fascistic employment of rules and bylaws and changes of rules and bylaws to stifle and direct "their" candidate and future candidates to the top spot, eliminating all others including Ron Paul who in a "non political" world would have won hands down. But this was and is a political world full of lies, deceit, cheating and bigtime BS. But that should not have opened the pathway for more compromised principles unless there was a threat made upon the Paul family which is and was a distinct possibility.. Barring this possible eventuality which would have removed me from "politics" altogether I can see no rational justification for Rand's behavior during his father's campaign and what he is doing now. Perhaps I am one of those neophytes who still believes in character, integrity and consistancy as being of integral importance and a prime requisite for one being a statesman and a public servent for we the people. Staying in the game? Why? For what end? To become like the people who disgust you, who have no moral sense of decency and will do anything to attain power? Hard decisions? It should be an easy decision that being not to play the game but to take your ball back and go home waiting patiently for another day....... There is a lesson to be learned but I don't know anyone who has learned it let alone what the lesson is...