Comment: I have been yanked off the road twice

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I have been yanked off the road twice

in the past two years for no reason other than the Oregon and Idaho highway patrol wanted to look for drugs. They were not looking for me or my pickup and had no reason to suspect me of anything, they just wanted to help their quotas, be a hero, get promoted, make money for the regime, and maybe get to hurt someone and ruin someone's life. I know first hand that the cops accuse and accuse and accuse, trying to get you to say anything that they can use against you. They deliberately escalate the situation. It is really true that anything you don't say or don't do, or say or do is automatically Exhibit A evidence that you are guilty. Literally. Both times I was yanked I feared that the cop might get violent because they were both so crazy. In case you are wondering, I have never had anything to do with drugs in my life (like Ron Paul), and have never had so much as a parking ticket, and I'm old.