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Well my experience was

by no means a science. I had become suspect that I had an under active thyroid, and was reading peoples blogs about their use of iodine and the reasons for it. From what I could determine, most people have an iodine deficiency, and the people who were posting seemed to be getting positive results from supplementing it.

So yeah, I started taking a couple of drops a day, but increased it to about 5 drops nearer the end before the side effects kicked in. Basically I think I was completely naive about the potential hazards involved. What I learned later was that it overwhelmed my endocrine system, and my body started producing tons of Histamine which in turn cause my adrenal glands to start pumping adrenalin into my system 24/7.

It was a living nightmare. My salvation came after following some advice to cut out all sugar inducing foods, and start consuming tons of plant protein in the form of green juices and chlorella. This had an amazingly quick and dramatic effect for recovery.

Since that time I have become exceedingly wary of all synthetic supplements, and I believe that if they don't come from plants ( which produce them in a proper form for our bodies ) that they actually cause as much or more harm than they may balance. I would thoroughly recommend looking at food / plant based sources for balancing your iodine if you feel you need to do so.

I wish you the best and hope that helps.

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