Comment: Par for the course.

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Par for the course.

This reminds me of that really awful reboot of the King Arthur story that Clive Owen was in back in 2004 where the indigenous Britons were somehow these advanced precursors to John Locke (they were as brutal as the Celts on their worst days, finger and ear necklaces, drinking the blood of their slain enemies and all), the Saxons and the Romans were cannibalistic barbarians, and the notorious heretic preacher Pelagius was treated as some sort of holy martyr who was executed by the Latin magisterium (he was excommunicated for picking a pointless fight with Augustine of Hippo over a prayer he wrote and trying to advance a pagan/humanist counterfeit version of Christianity, he ended up living peacefully in Egypt).

Not only was it an obvious attempt at putting forth a lie as true history, but was also one of the lamest, poorly conceived action/adventure movies I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure that "Noah" will probably be similar, I'll save my money, thank you very much.

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