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Messianic Judaism

The Messiah and His followers (Early Church) were Jews. Yeshua the Messiah, aka Jesus Christ, fulfilled the Jewish prophesy. His followers for hundreds of years after retained their Jewish beliefs and identity. Jesus celebrated the Passover (last supper) and Hannukah (feast of dedications). He studied the Torah, and was a Rabbi. His followers did not change their religion or traditions for hundreds of years.

It wasn't until around 325 A.D., that Constantine forced conversion of all the pagan Roman Empire to "Christianity". By that time, both Messianic and Talmudic Judaism were spreading in Rome. The Messianics (now called 'Christians') had been persecuted harshly for a long time. He ordered a meeting of the Messianic denominations (Council of Nicea) to come up with one single version or 'canonize' an official Roman version of the religion, that Caesar could enforce.

The word 'Christian' comes from Christ or 'Christos', which is a Greek word meaning 'the anointed', and it is a Greek word because the Bible was originally translated into Greek from the written Hebrew and spoken word (Aramaic. The original Greek translation is known as 'the Septuagint'. The translation of the bible into Greek is one of the crucial things in history that led to the spreading of Messianic Judaism, which was morphed into 'Christianity' under Constantine in Rome and Europe.

If you think Christianity was just made up, and there is no legitimate truth behind it, think again. It would really help your understanding if you read the Old Testament, and then read the New Testament.

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