Comment: Dan Akroyd had a show called "Out There"

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Dan Akroyd had a show called "Out There"

In which he interviewed people on topics such as crop circles, cattle mutilation, UFO's, alien abductions, interplanetary visitation, etc. He sold the show to the SyFy Channel, which never aired it.

At the moment in this DVD, Akroyd is telling the story of how, on the day his show was cancelled, he was standing on the street in Manhattan, at 42nd & 8th taking a smoke break. His phone rings and it is Britney Spears, inviting him to come on SNL with her. He's chatting with her, and he looks over to see a black Ford sedan, with these two big mean muthafunkers who get out of the back and are staring right at him. He turns away for a sec, then he turns back, and the car is gone.

"That car did not go past me, it did not make a U-turn - 42nd Street! I would have seen that. That car vanished. It was a cloaked vehicle of some type. And whether this was a warning to me of some kind - because the guy who got out of the back seat gave me a real dirty look. That car vanished. I know what I saw. Then two hours later we were told not to continue taping and that the show was canceled, and won't air.

I don't know. Was that an MIB experience? I don't know."


He's the man.