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Yeshua's followers in Judea/Samaria were Jews. There were no Christians yet.
Yeshua essentially employed a non-aggression principle, passive resistance method in his opposition to the Roman occupation of Israel.

While the 'grass-roots' Jewish people were behind the 'Young Rabbi from Nazareth', the elite Sadducees who had a financial stake in Caesars reign were opposed to him because he threatened their hold on power over their own people. The Sadducees ran the Temple. They has traditionally been the ones to accept payment for sacrifice to the Lord in the Temple. When Caesar conquered Judea he kept the Sadducees in power, to pacify the Jewish population, in return that they accepted only Caesar's coin as payment in the Temple. Yeshua knew this to be blasphemy, as Caesar's coin declares right on it's face that Roman Caesar is the living god.

The majority (though not all) of the Pharisees (Jewish high Priests/Rabbis) were also opposed to the Messiah as he was a threat to their authority as well, which like the Sadducees, was guaranteed by Caesar, that he may pacify the people.

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