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Comment: He’s an extremist neocon to the right of AIPAC

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He’s an extremist neocon to the right of AIPAC

If I called him an extremist Zionist, I get accused of being anti-Semitic. He is nonetheless at the very extreme periphery of the most radical Zionist elements and has wanted bombs dropped on Iran for years; even broke with AIPAC in 2007 when it supported economic aid to the Palestinians.

Like Norman Podhoretz, another Zionist elitist who is ‘prestigiously’ awarded in the Zionist community for his involvement in Israel’s affairs, he would just as soon have the U.S. bomb Iran now than have Israel do it. Podhoretz: video 1:15 minutes….”I think the United States can do it… would be better if the United States did it than if Israel were involved.” An Adelson-backed puppet in the WH would be such a dark slip into global tyranny, I cannot imagine the outcome.