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I find that hard to believe also

But I think the bigger point trying to be made with the Catherine Austin Fitts interview and this documentary is to get past the idea of green men from mars and simply ask; how much money is being spent on programs researching this stuff?

But you can't ask that in congress because when you do you are made to look mentally unstable and like a 'kook' and you get accused of 'believing in aliens.'

But money goes into researching alien life and space technology well beyond money at NASA. And again...what happens when a congressman starts asking too many questions about money being funneled to military projects at Area 51?

Shouldn't we at least get to know how much money? Not even necessarily what it is used for (although that would be nice to know), but how much?

Also lets say a majority of UFO sightings is just the government playing around with technology trying to put things in the air...Again, take it away from life from outer space for a min, just government's making toys....those have to cost a ton of money, where is that money coming from and shouldn't voters/taxpayers get a say as to how it is used?