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Comment: For the record, it's "sister"

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For the record, it's "sister"

For the record, it's "sister" but I won't hold that against you. ; )

I don't believe I've accused you of anything. I'm down with having a friendly debate. The problem is that I've had this debate 100 times...with all kinds of facts but most of the time the facts don't seem to matter because once ya'll have made up your minds, there's no changing it. So what's the point? Cause you and I both no that no matter what I say, you will not hear me on this one. You don't even want to hear me on it. This is the game here on the DP...who can come up with the best insult or argument. It's not about resolution. I'm exhausted. I only ask for you to do your research...with an open mind. I can't help you with that and I'm not here to change your mind...I've given up on that. I'm going to focus on the rest of America now. Take care and good luck in all you do.

Ps. Thanks for the down vote.