Comment: you always sound so statist and defeatist

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you always sound so statist and defeatist

1) Nowhere in the 'Free' World is anonymous banking permitted.
that sucks. i'm sure if they could shut down btc they would.

2) The Fed Gov shut down Silk Road.
and so what, 10 other darkmarkets popped up in its place. btc had nothing to do with sr1 being shutdown anyway.

Q) What reason do we have to believe that

1) Governments will tolerate anonymous bitcoins?
because they can't stop it and because just issued tax guidelines for anonymous btc transactions.

2) Governments cannot/will not shutdown any institution accepting bitcoins?
as long as they pay taxes and are not doing anything illegal they have not. do you have one example of this happening?

Reverend Marijuana? Anyone?
name calling, really? those who live in a glass house should not throw rocks.

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