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It has to end.

The longest it could keep going is until the dollar itself goes kaputz then you would see a huge surge. It will probably end up being that way considering they will fight tooth and nail to convince the public its a bad buy. At this point when the interest on the debt we owe is about the size of the US GDP I don't see how the dollar could last. Especially when you think of how 70% of our currency is overseas. If the Petro dollar fails, which it will considering how the world looks at us. All of that money overseas will have to eventually be circulated into the US.

I don't know much about BTC so I won't comment on it but I will say that I would choose to put my investments in things I could actually hold and are tangible. As far as buying silver goes I would go with junk silver (pre-1964 quarters and dimes) . They don't carry the hefty premium of "fancy coins" and for the most part look like regular coins, just keep in mind they are 90% silver so they are worth 90% of there weight in silver.