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i applaud you

for ending this early. it's hard to have a worthy exchange with someone who presumes and sees the future. my experience is discussions are always in flux, rarely resolved, sometimes interesting, other times boring. i really don't care for that school marm tone. i make it a point to read the right, left and in-between. something ben swann pointed out that is sorely lacking in the liberty movement, and i think he's right. nobody has all the answers, although ron paul comes damn close IMO. your last sentences are so strange, you must be really exhausted if you think you've been trying to change my mind (on what?). i know we've had a couple of conversations but really... and now you're going to take on the whole country! if it's to spread the libertarian message of ron paul i applaud you again! (see you don't have me all figured out at all, but a hint. i like to ask questions and learn. i like to challenge the choir. i am interested in the next 5 minutes!

i almost never use the downvote, but i will if i think i'm being talked down to or brushed off. makes sense to me. if you learned something i'll take the thank you.

Ps. best of luck to you as well. since you go by "unknown user" it was super easy to get your gender wrong.