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Because Alex Jones Purposely Lies

Remember when Alex released Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State?

Alex posted at InfoWars/PrisonPlanet a nicely designed, just for that film, list of "supporting material" for all points in the vid; but really more than half the film's points didn't have his promised evidence/documentation because it was made up/lies.

I remember, because I still liked Alex Jones back then. I read through the nice looking point-by-point list that conveniently didn't have at least half the points, including for the most ridiculous claims regarding 9/11.

And many of the points' "supporting material" only linked to other conspiracy sites, such as Rense, that didn't have any actual supporting evidence/documentation either, but instead was opinions or baseless claims.

Alex promised his viewers/listeners, all the points would be supported with facts/evidence/documentation. And it was far from it.

Want to support Alex Jones? Have at it. But Alex Jones Purposely Lies.