Comment: The desire to live

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The desire to live

is greater than the desire to die and we will try anything that might help prolong our lives.

My nephews partner recently died of brain cancer and he took a very expensive drug that was suppose to prolong his life, didn't work.

My mother in law died some years ago had a very intrusive operation that was suppose to prolong her life it didn't and she suffered. She said if she knew she was going to suffer and die anyway she would have not had the operation.

It is best if you ask yourself some questions and ask your doctor some questions. Is there a guarantee that the drug will work and/or what or the side effects? Many people die from the side effects so I don't see how that makes any sense.

What do you want, how do you want to die?

Wouldn't it be great if they just gave the 80 grand and people could decide if they wanted the drugs or maybe spend the money having a hell of a lot of fun before they died.

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