Comment: John B Well from C2C has his

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John B Well from C2C has his

John B Well from C2C has his own show nowadays. He had Judy Wood on as a guest and I like her thinking alot more than i like the theories in these videos. Example, the "Horse-shoe-bend" on one of the I-beams is near to impossible to get even with thermite, thermate or any explosive. And the weight, pressure, from the collapse isn't a good enough theory either. And if the evidence cannot point towards any known effect it must be an "unknown" effect. The interview can be found on youtube if you search Caravan to midnight Judy Wood.

If people have not heard of Judy Wood you can find other long and detailed presentations from her also on youtube. If you want to see the effect in action, or atleast an peek into how it works and what it can do you can youtube hutchison effect.

Now is she right? I don't know. But it certainly fits the evidence more than thermite or any other conventional explosive. Now let the flames begin like the last time I mentioned her name.