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Just for clarification sake & so this doesn't turn into a Jones

debate.... I really don't think anyone was hating on Alex Jones.

There is a huge difference between hating the guy and not appreciating his presentation style.

He does use fear mongering tactics, and even his fans should be able to admit that he sometimes takes that route. That is ok. That doesn't mean you are forsaking him, it is just admitting that that is part of his style.

As far as his style goes...again, some people, myself included just don't appreciate it, but that doesn't mean I hate him.

This thread is about the UFO economy and a Dan Aykroyd DVD.

Now I am known for getting way off topic in threads, so I don't hold it against you that you are off topic, but as far as someone getting a life....

Well...You found one comment about Alex Jones that you didn't like even though it wasn't really that bad, and focused on that and became defensive, when this thread really has very little to do with Alex Jones, doesn't that seem like a bit of an overreaction?

All that being said, there is no reason to get upset. This has nothing to do with hating Alex Jones.