Comment: The 'obstacle' of CD depends on the end goal

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The 'obstacle' of CD depends on the end goal

I only see CD of the masses as a problem IF one's conclusion for maintaining liberty exists in a democratic political process. If one puts their entire reasoning and concluding efforts into getting others to 'wake up' so that we can collectively make policy in line with securing individual liberty then CD is an 'obstacle' that needs to be overcome. I have found that if one examines the democratic political process for its viability to maintain liberty with so much competing minds in a state of CD then the only rational conclusion is that democratic political processes are not a viable 'solution' for maintaining liberty because of the massive epidemic of CD. This conclusion of working within a political processes for maintaining liberty has two main conclusions that are guaranteed outcomes; constant never ending political battle with others who are completely nuts and many who are corrupt to the core, and that there is no guarantee of maintaining liberty. All experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. In essence democratic political processes have shown to have a 100% failure rate in maintaining liberty. So why we choose an end destination that has no guaranteed victory and has a 100% failure rate for our end destination??

Instead of looking at CD as an obstacle in political battles that needs to be overcome in order to maintain liberty, the smarter thing to do is to recognize CD is a law of nature and then determine a path within the laws of nature that will guarantee liberty be maintained and to choose the efforts that energy and resources will be poured into will be the absolute minimum necessary and with fewest number of 'awake' people required. This is the destination I have chosen and thus I will NOT participate in politics. The path to liberty I have chosen is to uphold the law. If the law is upheld then it does not matter who is in 'office' how much CD got them there or how much CD they have because the laws of nature are absolute. When one upholds the law then CD turns from an obstacle to a great advantage to law abiding people. The CD doesn't end with our political positions it is all pervasive throughout the system.

When an fully awake law abiding man is confronted with policy application by judges, prosecuting attorneys, and law enforcement, their CD will destroy themselves because their dissonance exists within conflicts of the application of law. The fact the entire process is one of record means that they have to be correct and coherent 100% of the time. Also, these individuals cannot just scurry back into their chuckleheadness like the rest of mindless sheep on the street. Those in the system are initiating injury and claims that they will ultimately stand liable for and better be 100% factual. Also those in the system are bound to procedures where they MUST listen and MUST respond to demonstrate their reasoning in order to move their claims forward through the procedures. The thing is that the CD goes so deep that these individuals in the system do not realize their own conflicts and complete failures to understand law at its root level in logic and because they are on the record, on the spot, and required to answer means that they have to be right the first every time. The result I have found is that they will fail EVERY single time when faced with one who calls there bs in a way that enables them to just keep conflicting their own reasoning over and over. The worst for them that I have found is when they keep admitting that their actions are exact code defined felonies they are committing. When one reveals they are admitting to felony acts on the record then they have been thoroughly defeated within the natural laws of neurological processing. It is so easy to do in our courts that sometimes I almost feel sorry for the intellectual beat down they have to experience for harming me but they initiated harm so they get exactly what they deserve.

Furthermore, when one examines the laws of nature applicable to the courts and the people who carry out their tyranny one finds MANY other natural laws that bind them besides neurological laws that enable them to fail so badly. There are many natural social order laws that come into play and the most powerful law of nature that binds them is TIME. The more harm and tyranny they initiate the more opportunities we have to set precedent. The more we seize the opportunity to set precedent the less time they have for committing tyranny. When one examines the number of cases a court can physically process in time and the time required to ensure the law is upheld the number of people upholding the law required to consume ALL time is literally less than .1% of the population. This is a law of nature and is an inherent built protection of law that one can access simply by upholding the law.

So in the end I believe cognitive dissonance is only an obstacle if one has come to the conclusion that effort must be put into political processes for 'fixing' things. I think this conclusion is a failure because it has no REAL answer and still subjects us to a nation of men not of laws.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...