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But Noah was not a 'Hebrew'...

You seem to be making some assumptions that are incorrect.

The Bible only says that this event happened. It does not say Noah was Jewish or Hebrew, in fact, Judaism was not yet a religion/faith nor was there a Hebrew Tribe. This is ancient pre-history.

The Bible is merely recording the event. G-d chose Noah because Noah was "righteous", and free of sin.

You said, "the writers of the hebrew narrative derived and adapted from the earlier ones to bolster their cultural and religious identity."

But the Bible never says Noah was Hebrew.
The origins of the "Hebrew Narrative", meaning the Torah (Old Testament) are so old and mysterious that no scholar can pretend to known it's origins, or if the origins are even earthly. Every Torah scroll is hand-written by a Rabbi scribe trained in that discipline for their entire lives, if one jot or tittle is in error then the entire scroll must be re-written.

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