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Comment: Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse!

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Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse!

Here is the post from DP member GCN3030, posted in Feb. which is very similar includes drawings,plans and a fundraising link.

This fundraiser is for building a Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse in an arid coastal desert. Basically the idea is similar to a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture program, except the main difference being that instead of a traditional farm this will be formed around a Seawater Greenhouse. The idea is also unique in that its main purpose is charitable; it is intended to help impoverished people living in an arid coastal desert by enabling them to work in the greenhouse in exchange for a share of its produce, i.e. pure fresh water and organic food.

The Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse will be designed to be economically sustainable so that all operating costs are paid for by sales of the produce; any profits that are subsequently generated will be shared by the members and reinvested to maintain, expand, and ultimately build more Community Supported Seawater Greenhouses in a self replicating fashion.

Community Supported Seawater Greenhouse!

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