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yes and it's why I'm here

there are many things we have pharmacopia on. Our traditonal medicines cannot cure me but they help recuperate and ameliorate some of the worst damage.

There are some of these things you should not use without direction because some of them are toxic but they include:

white willow bark
milk thistle
liccorice root
osha root
cedar leaf

if you want to know how i juice it's beet carrot apple ginger cellery. gotta love those beets.

i can eat a whole buffet table full of pickled ginger. but on the other hand I can out drink the nations of Ireland, England, Scottland and Whales.

The whole thing is just LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and it will tell you what it needs. One thing is I need pure water, I can't drink from most taps, it literally makes me puke and I keep pumping down tons of fluids (alcoholic or not, don't really matter) and I forgot what i was talking about.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.