Comment: Hmm, so you can make hemp oil by vaporizing?

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Hmm, so you can make hemp oil by vaporizing?

We have seen the results of taking hemp oil; Micahel J Fox is now able to perform normally as an actor after taking Rick Simpson's hemp oil.

For those that don't know how hemp oil is made. Large quantities of high quality marijuana are mixed into liquid grain alcohol, heated, the solid material strained out, and boiled all the way down to the final residue.

One pound of weed gives about 2 ounces of the oil.

But this lady is claiming that just getting bud hot (vaporizing gets to 365 degrees F) and collecting the residue will have the same or similar effect of boiling down and straining the bud like Rick Simpson teaches.



And for those that do not know, the hemp oil DOES NOT HAVE AN INTOXICATING EFFECT. So you don't "get high."

But it makes me wonder if there is a medicinal effect to just plain smoking bud?