Comment: When I was 16

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When I was 16

I turned away from Christianity because I had so many questions that it could not answer. No one could answer except with, "God works in mysterious ways." That answer doesn't work for me. I became a relativist, but after much thought, realized that while perspectives are relative, there are some truths that can be known. Today I am agnostic, but I believe in panentheism. That everything is connected, and this everything is God. Just as the neural networks in our brain create consciousness, the galaxy network could create a sort of God consciousness. So if your God is dying, I would say that your God is too small. God cannot die unless everything dies, in a sense.

To find meaning in this life is something you will have to work towards. Find passion and you will find meaning.

There is a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that may help you in your journey.


-Matthew Good