Comment: Perhaps You are an Ana-theist!?!

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Perhaps You are an Ana-theist!?!

You write: "I'm not atheist, I don't think. I suppose I'm agnostic today."

I say that PERHAPS instead of being an agnostic, you are actually an anatheist, or a person moving toward anatheistic position.

And for this reason I suggest you to look into book by Richard Kearney titled "Anatheism: Returning to God After God".

Kearney is a great contemporary philosopher and I truly recommend you to check out this book as it might open you to think the whole God question from a very different point of view. Ana-theism comes after theism and atheism. It is a place in which a new understanding of God, a new possibility of faith comes into being after doubt, the "death of God" and atheism. The question is how would one understand God and also return to God after the "death" of God, the "disappearance" of God, or atheism, if 'death', 'disappearance' and atheism is truly taken seriously. Is it possible that theism and atheism are not contradictory terms even if they are normally seen as such, but two sides of the same coin and in this sense two perspectives which complement each other? Is it perhaps possible that a deeper understanding of God can appear only after the death of God?

It is also a question if there is something more original, or primordial, than theism and atheism as relation to Reality/Ultimate and to the mystery of life. For Kearney, anatheism is a renewed relation to God after going beyond the dichotomy of theism and atheism and the dichotomy of traditional notions of belief and disbelief.

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